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Donnegan Systems: Document Services

Millions and millions of computer printouts, copies, letters and general documents are produced every day throughout the United States. As the information stored within an organization grows, the need for effective file management systems becomes more and more obvious. Often times, in order to control the flow of information, a changeover to a more efficient system is required.

How can Donnegan help?? If the answer to the filing problem requires a new folder, or folder labeling system, we can design a system tailored to your unique application. We generate new labels based on existing databases, apply the labels to new or existing folders, and we will transfer records from an existing folder system to a new system if required. Where an existing database is not available, our trained personnel will be deployed to data enter the required information from each and every folder within your existing system. 

Application of Labels: one of our servicesAs a matter of practice, labels provided by Donnegan Systems will include barcoding information. With this information available, the customer may consider, now or in the future, a file tracking software system. The bar code information may also