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Designing the Future of Storage

Managing File Location with ColorDonnegan Systems understands that time is money. That's why we partnered with GBS to save you both with its complete line of standard and customized filing products. GBS offers a wide variety of folder sizes, expansions, colors, and stock weights to insure that you get the product that's best for you. GBS has filing products designed to streamline your system. GBS turns paperwork into paper that works!

A GBS color coded system will:

  • Reduce filing and retrieval time
  • Streamline filing actions
  • Reduce floor space consumption
  • Virtually eliminate costly misfiles

A color coded Terminal Digit filing systemWhether you file by letter or by number, GBS color coding systems will bring you efficient, productive control of your files. Without GBS color coding, the only way to uncover a misfile is by fumble thumbing through the complete file until the misfile is stumbled upon. In a GBS color coded file, the system makes misfiles unlikely. When they do occur, the out of sequence color is self-incriminating.


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