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Donnegan Systems provides records, information management, and storage solutions to major healthcare facilities as well as many clinics and physician's practices.

The following summarizes our primary health care solutions. Please click on any of the titles for more detail.

Filing Equipment And SystemsColor Coded Medical Records on Quaral by

  • High efficiency storage systems to speed file retrieval and reduce floorspace requirements.
  • Color coded file folders designed to speed file location and reduce misfiles.
  • Chart dividers to neatly organize file contents.
  • Barcode file tracking software to eliminate lost files and automate purging.
  • Conversion services to color coded folder systems.

High Density Storage for Healthcare and Medical Offices

 High Density Pharmacy Storage Systems
High Density Pharmacy StorageHigh Density Warehouse System

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Medical Record or Records storage by Spacesaver Shelving_ Spacesaver Mobile Shelving_ Spacesaver Powered Mobile Systems for medical records and Hanel Rotomats. Store Medical Records on Spacesaver Shelving_ in GBS folders_ or in Hanel Vertical Carousels Medical Records storage by Spacesaver and Hanel Rotomats. Storage of Medical Records on Spacesaver Shelving or Storage of Medical Records in Hanel Rotomat Carousels

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