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Donnegan Systems: Spacesaver Radiology/X-Ray Storage Systems

Spacesaver X-Ray Shelving placed on carriages is a space efficient system used to handle the large volume of images.  Large Healthcare providers have the need to store and manage X-Rays and Mammographies today.  

X-Rays in the radiology department can be in a secure and locked system from Spacesaver.

Diagnostic Imaging and Special Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic imaging is transitioning to the digital age and away from x-ray films. During this transition, x-ray film storage is still a necessity for a certain period of time, and what better way to store your x-ray films than on a compact mobile system. Our heavy-duty and adjustable shelving is the perfect solution for storing x-rays. The shelving can be modified to fit other stored items as your needs change.

Beyond x-ray film there is still a need for medical imaging storage and Spacesaver has your solution. Other items of consideration for medical imagery storage includes:

      • Xray aprons
      • Heart monitor equipment
      • Stress test equipment
      • Sleep testing equipment
      • And much more


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Radiology Storage XRay Jackets by Spacesaver store radiology xray jackets x_rays on Spacesaver shelving or moveable shelving. Spacesaver PACS storage for physical images Radiology Storage X Ray Jackets by Spacesaver store radiology x ray jackets x_rays on Spacesaver shelving Mobile or moveable shelving

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