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Managing Paper FilesFiling SuppliesTerminal Digit Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan Systems: Terminal Digit Labels

Terminal Digit Filing: Organization with Color and NumbersFolders are filed in sequence within the ending digit group by the "prefix" numbers.

Folders are filed together by the last three difits of the file number.

The more records you depend on; the more you need "Terminal/End Digit Color Control". Filing or finding any individual record involves a time factor that steadily erodes your organizations productivity. Misfiles can aggravate the situation. "Terminal/End Digit Color Control" virtually eliminates misfiles by positioning every record within an easily identifiable sequence of colors. Files are filed by the last two, three or four digits and color coded for easy recognition. Within the color block they are filed sequentially.

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Terminal Digit by gbs Terminal Digit by gbs Terminal Digit by GBS_ Use Terminal Digit labels to find folders fast

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