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Donnegan Systems: The Canon CR180

The CR180 is a compact Check Transport device that scans both sides of  checks and has ability to read the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) characters on checks using its built-in magnetic head. Along with Canon's industry-wide reputation in document feeding performance and image quality, the CR180 is one of the fastest devices in its class.

The compact yet durable CR180 is designed as for high-volume, high-speed back office use by banks, credit unions, governmental agencies, check-clearing houses and large retail operations with an average daily volume of up to 20,000 checks, Batches of checks can be scanned simultaneously and automatically sorted to two different output pockets using pre-configured rules based on the MICR data on the checks. The document feeder is adjustable to accommodate different document sizes, with an outer range of 4.6 inches (118 mm) wide by 9.1 inches (230 mm) long. To ensure single document scanning, a double feed detection mechanism monitors each loaded document by thickness and/or length. The built-in jogger, a unique feature, saves document preparation time. Up to 200 checks can be loaded on the feed tray at once. A non-separation mode allows for the continuous, jam-free scanning of sticky-edged duplicate or multiform documents, and worn-out or damaged checks sealed in a 'check carrier' envelope.

The Canon Scanning Utility, an application software program bundled with the Canon CR180, enables users to scan, view, print and file check data. With this added functionality, MICR data can be saved as the file name of an image, in a TIFF file tag or in a log file for reference. The ISIS/TWAIN drivers are bundled with the device and a software development kit is available for customizing scanner operation.

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CR180 Check Transport CR180 Check Scanner CR180 offers full compliance with U.S. MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition standards CR180 Check Transport CR180 Check Scanner CR180 offers full compliance with U.S. MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition standards

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